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LINGUA Translations
"Stadthof" Centralstrasse 8a
CH-6210 Sursee

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Specialist Proofreading, Certification, Translations

Lingua Translations give value for money

LINGUA Translations' emphasis is on specialist text translation.  High-quality translations completed right on schedule by highly-efficient, qualified specialist translators, client-oriented business services and an optimum price-performance ratio are some of the reasons for LINGUA's continued expansion and its growing list of clients.         

LINGUA Translations was founded in 1997 by a core-group of three. Today, LINGUA Translations is an extremely flexible network of translators translating exclusively into their mother-tongue and with expertise in a variety of specialist fields in technology, business and the law as well as the arts and sciences. LINGUA's team of translators are constantly available to provide professional translations of your company communications into any of more than 30 languages.

Contact Person

Daniela Burri

Director of LINGUA Translations. Daniela Burri has special responsibility for technical and legal translations, seeing each project through from beginning to end.

One of the founders of LINGUA Translations.
Engineering Diploma, qualifications in Quality Control and Quality Management. Translator. Court Interpreter. Municipal Authority Interpreter. Proofreader: building industry, geodetics, machine tools, mechanical production, surveying, QC and QM.
After working first as a quality control manager in the laboratory of a hydraulic product manufacturer and later as an assistant in a translation and employment agency, Daniela Burri is now the director of LINGUA Translations.


Greg Crowngold

bilingual,  directs translation projects in the business field and represents LINGUA in Capetown on a part-time basis.  Proofreads and corrects financial translations.
Graduated from UNISA, Pretoria, 1996, in Business and Economics. Various postgraduate studies in security trading and technical financial and marketing analysis. Worked for various companies and financial institutes in London from 1994 to 2003, and in Capetown from 2003 to 2010.

Josephine Frei

Has a degree in Humanities. Translates, proofreads, edits and revises translations in accordance with LINGUA's quality control procedures.

LINGUA Translations
"Stadthof" Centralstrasse 8a | CH-6210 Sursee
Tel +41 (0)41 921 68 06 | Fax +41 (0)41 921 68 08 |
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